Inflatable attraction

The product is designed for the basic type of entertainment for children in age 6-14 and number of children, their weight and size of the attraction at the same time on attraction and at the discretion of the operator.

Technical specification

  • Material: PES fabric with PVC coating weight 680g / m2 and strength 3000 N / 5cm
  • Standard dimensions: 4 x 4,8 m, 4,35 x 5,15 m (or at the customer's request)
  • Graphic options: sewn graphics, digital printing (excluding bouncing zone), banners
  • Production time: 2-6 weeks (from the agreed 3D visual design).
  • Installation time: within 10 minutes (min 1-2 persons needed)
  • Package contents: attraction itself, fan, anchor elements, transport bag, instructions
  • Size of package: up to 1 - 1.5 m3, weight 100 - 120 Kg (approx 130 x 100 x 80 cm)