Pneumatic products

We propose pneumatic tents and inflatable furniture. Pneumatic tents are not noisy and you don´t need any supply of electricity which is their big advantage.  Inflatable furniture is an interesting and functional accessory for any interior. We offer a wide range of choices, including a sofa, an armchair, a table and an ottoman. Air furniture can be fully customised to your needs and can be used in an office, shop, at a trade fair, sports event, cultural festival or mountain resort. Inflatable furniture always catches a client’s eye.

Frequently asked questions about inflatables

  • What is an inflatable?

    Made from top-shelf, highly durable polyester fabric with a PVC coating, a cold-air inflatable is a tremendous way to advertise. The polyester fabric is perfect for preserving the quality of digital printing; it is waterproof, easy to clean and weather-resistant. 
  • How does an inflatable work?

    Our inflatables are continually filled with cold air supplied by an integrated blower, which needs to be connected to mains (220V) at all times to operate. When disconnected, the inflatable deflates within a few minutes, ready to be stowed away.
  • How do I send you the designs for manufacturing?

    Please send your logo and designs by e-mail. For large amounts of data (more than 10MB) please use a file-sharing website, such as, or supply the data on a portable storage drive.
  • In what format(s) should I send the designs for my inflatable?

    We use a range of graphic design software packages and are able to accept your designs in Corel Draw (up to version X5), Adobe Illustrator (up to version CS6), Adobe Photoshop (up to version CS6), or as a PDF file. All objects need to be converted into curves. If that is not possible, please attach the font file (TTF) alongside your texts. Images should be supplied in 1:1 resolution at 300dpi in TIFF, JPEG, PDF, or PSD formats. 

  • What fabric colours are available for my advertising inflatable? 

    Your inflatable can be in one of the standard colours, or a custom fabric dye can be created according to your requirements (minimum recommended order 300 linear metres). Digital printing can be used and CMYK colour is utilised in this process; thus you can specify colours in CMYK, Pantone Process or RAL colour models. white,ecru,yellow,ochre,orange,lred,red,lgreen,green,lblue,blue,reflexblue,brown,lgrey,silver,grey,coolgrey,black
  • How is my design or logo applied to the inflatable?

    Your logo or design can be printed, painted or sewn onto the body of the inflatable. Another option is to print your design on a banner, which is attached to the inflatable with Velcro fasteners. Such inflatables are more versatile, as you can easily replace the advertising banner.
  • How long does it take for an inflatable to be manufactured?

    This depends entirely on the shape and size of the inflatable, but typically takes from one to four weeks. Please always enquire with the sales team about the current production lead-time.
  • Is it possible to use advertising inflatables year-long?

    Yes, our products can be used on hot summer days, or in mountain resorts during the winter season. The anchoring system enables the deployment of inflatables on seaside beaches, as well as on snow.
  • Are you able to manufacture an inflatable in the shape of our company mascot or product?

    Yes, virtually any shape is possible. Please send in as many photographs or drawings as you can, or an actual object, and our design department will create a 3D preview of the inflatable, taking into account any corrections to shape necessitated by the manufacturing process.
  • How large can an inflatable be?

    Ideally the inflatable should be no less than 3 metres tall. From this size upward one can fully appreciate the detailing and workmanship. We are also very experienced in manufacturing XXL inflatables larger than 20 metres.
  • Must the inflatable be anchored?

    The need for anchoring depends on the shape and size of the inflatable, and the weather conditions. Simply put, anchoring an inflatable is similar to anchoring a tourist tent – the necessary pegs and ropes are always supplied with the inflatable. Alternatively, sandbags placed inside or outside the structure can anchor the inflatable.
  • In what weather conditions can the inflatable be used?

    We always consult with the customer about the exact conditions in which the inflatable is to be deployed, and design accordingly. Generally speaking, advertising inflatables can be used throughout the year in ambient air temperatures ranging from -10 to +35 °C. In winter the surface of the inflatable must be cleared of snow and frost. For problem-free and secure operation we do not recommend using advertising inflatables outside when wind speed exceeds 15m/s, or in rainfall heavier than 2mm/hour.
  • What do I need to operate the inflatable?

    Just a source of electrical power. We supply everything else – the advertising inflatable itself, integrated blower and anchoring elements.
  • How long does it take to get the inflatable in operation?

    Again, this depends on the size of the inflatable, although on average it will be 10 to 15 minutes from arrival until your inflatable is up and running.
  • How many people are needed to put up the inflatable?

    This again depends on the size of the product. A small inflatable advertisement is easily put into operation by one person, whereas to put up a large arch, three or four people is optimal.
  • Can the inflatable be lit?

    Yes, internal or external lighting can be supplied on demand.
  • How large is the inflatable when packed up?

    Inflatables are supplied in a made-to-measure fabric bag. When packed, the inflatable fits into the boot of an ordinary car. For large projects we recommend using a van for transportation.
  • How long does the inflatable last?

    Some of our inflatables have been in permanent operation for five years. They are manufactured using very strong materials and EU-made motors. However, proper care and maintenance in accordance with the instructions supplied is important to maximise the longevity of your inflatable.