What we’ve done


The City Arena in Trnava, Slovakia was due to re-open after refurbishment, and representatives of the FC Spartak Trnava team approached us with a unique request: to design and create, at a very short notice, the club’s inflatable mascot, the Angel. Within a mere two weeks the 10-metre high Angel left our workshop, bound for Slovakia. After having had its moment of fame in the glare of the spotlights, to tremendous fan acclaim, it was then replaced on the football field by Slovak and Dutch football legends, who played a friendly match.


The Australian company UP&GO, which makes nutritious breakfast drinks, commissioned us to manufacture an enormous inflatable bridge for their promotional tour of British universities. The remarkable 50m long bridge attracted many visitors, some of whom travelled a considerable distance in order to test their skills at overcoming several obstacles over the course of about 30 seconds. At the very end, all participants had to jump from a height of around 3m into an inflatable pool, which was part of the bridge. The 7m wide and 8m tall bridge took a team of experienced seamstresses almost a month to complete.

Futurist exhibition pavilion for microsoft

For the introduction of the new Microsoft Windows XP operating system we embarked on a unique project: an inflatable tent within which the new software would be presented. The project was based on an original design by the artist Kateřina Vincourová.

The structure consisted of three domelike inflatable bodies; the presentation of the Windows XP system took place in the main dome, which was 13.5m long and 8.5m wide. The tent was equipped with transparent windows made of film, which allowed natural light to enter the space. The usable internal area of the tent was almost 200m2.

Pavilion “P”

In 2009 the new Pavilion “P” was built at the exhibition grounds in Brno, Czech Republic. The hall, which is larger than two football fields, hides in its innards a unique innovation: an inflatable mobile dividing wall. This original wall, which we manufactured, divides the pavilion into two separate exhibition spaces.

A twin-walled construction with a permanent supply of air when in use (in order to maintain the air pressure), the inflatable wall consists of 33 sections, each 2.7m wide, 11.78m tall and 0.45m deep. Every second section has its own pressurising fan. The overall length of the wall is an impressive 90 metres.

The inflatable wall is remotely controlled and moves on its own special track, to which it is attached. It consists of two independently extending parts. When not in use, each deflated section is stowed in a parking position in the relevant section of the pavilion.

Installed within 40 minutes, this unique design divides the Pavilion P into smaller sections of exhibition space, according to exhibitors’ needs; it also provides sound, visual and thermal insulation.


The leading Czech pop star Karel Gott, the band ‘No Name’, along with many other guests and spectators, were all present when TV PLAYTVÁK was launched on the first summer’s day of 2015. Also taking off from the surface of the Vltava river at the ceremony in Prague’s Náplavka was a 10-metre long helium filled blimp Playtvák, which was supplied for the occasion by us, in collaboration with a foreign partner.

Arcelormittal tent

In order to promote the music festival Colours of Ostrava, the steelmaker ArcelorMittal had a large-capacity inflatable tent made. Owing to its impressive size (18m long, 15m wide and 7m tall) the tent was a striking presence in the streets of Ostrava, and attracted the attention of many passers-by. In addition to an improvised stage, the tent could accommodate several hundred visitors.